IOP and SOP Treatment options based on sliding scale


Intensive Outpatient Program & Supportive Outpatient Program

Our program is designed to uniquely meet the needs of our clients.  Our fees are based on a sliding scale that considers our clients income and resources.  You can rest assured that our program will meet you individual needs.  We also offer after-care treatment as well.  Call us today for your evaluation.  We are one of the few treatment centers that offers a sliding scale fee based on your income.  

Our Opioid Track  is good program with good options.  We are working with our Medical Director who uses the CravCheq®(Naltrexone Pellet Implant) that will not let abusers get high.  We follow up with an intensive 9 month treatment plan.  This proven track has a staggering 80 percent success rate.  The reason it is so staggering is that in traditional treatment (IOP or SOP) you can hope for a 30 percent success rate.  This is a great solution to a long standing problem.  It works not only on opioids but alcohol and heroine.


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